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Reducing Cognitive Load

Flying an aircraft as a single pilot can be very demanding and rewarding as well. So many pilots find themselves getting “behind the aircraft” once the external forces of weather, congestion or rapid changes to their planning are applied. These external forces place a load on our cognition which degrades our effectiveness as pilots. The keys … Continue reading

Things vs. Omnifocus

If you didn’t know, I’m a GTD’er. What is GTD you ask? Well, it’s a system for personal productivity based on the book Getting Things Done by David Allen. If you ask people who know about GTD they may describe it as a sort of nerdy cult. Since the inception of what’s affectionately known as GTD there … Continue reading

Inverse iPad Colors

This is a great little trick that will allow you to “inverse the video” on the iPad by switching the colors. This is great for viewing approach plates and documents while in the simulator or aircraft at night.